The Junction Summer Solstice Festival Love crafts and DIY projects. Few examples of how you will be able to get creative at the festival: 


Flower Crown Making Workshop 

Location: Art + Discovery

Kosa Kolektiv will be holding a wreath-making workshop in celebration of this year's summer solstice at the Junction Summer Solstice Festival. All the foraged flowers will be provided and we'll be sharing folklore, stories, and some of our favourite foraged iced tea.
$5-$10 - sliding scale per wreath.

Time: Noon - 7pm

the love lettering project

Location: Art + Discovery

Love lettering project.jpg

The Love Lettering Project is a community arts engagement project bringing love letters to strangers. It has the capacity to transform strangers’ relationship to public space and their communities through social engagement. In the last ten years, thousands of people have participated in over 35 events in Toronto, across the UK and in Canada’s Far North.

Time: Noon - 3pm

zeesy powers

Location: Art + Discovery

Zeesy Powers is an interdisciplinary artist based in Toronto. For over a decade, she has been painting watercolour portraits for people. She will be doing single portraits for $20 for a single or $30 for a double.